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About Techex

Techex partners with emerging technology companies who are challenging the way IP is used to move and manage video.

We treat our customers as long term partners and our value is created through our understanding of their complex problems and the application of our competences and technology to address them. We are focused on the convergence of video compression, DVB and IP and are extremely selective about the technology companies we work with.

Techex’s focused IP video competence specialises in value-added distribution, platform design, system integration, project management, support, and consultancy.

About Techex

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From: Nicaragua.
Farm: Finca La Escondida.
Tasting notes: Huge creaminess that mixes with walnut oil and smooth milk chocolate.

Where have you bean?

The straight translation from Spanish to English of 'escondida' is ‘hidden’. The farm is named because it is "hidden" from the road by forest and trees, which makes it appear to blend right into the side of the mountain.

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