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Appear XC5000 4RU Chassis
Appear XC5000 4RU Chassis
The 4RU XC5000 chassis can hold 16 option modules and up to two switch and management modules that can be equipped with dual IP I/Os. The chassis has dual-redundant and hot-swappable power supplies. Hot-swappable modules allow for various redundancy scenarios.


4RU - XC5000


Appear Download AppearTV_XC5x00_v4.0tx.pdf


  • Universal 19" x 4RU modular platform
  • 16 universal module slots and 2 switch/management slots, all in front
  • Dual redundant 800W power supplies
  • Forced air-cooling (through back of 4RU)
  • Hot-swappable fans, power supplies and modules
  • WEB based configuration, SNMP Alarms, SOAP/XML interface
  • Monitoring of fans and power supplies through web-interface and front LED
  • Compatible with Appear TV XC series of hot-swappable modules
Appear XC5000 4RU Chassis

The Appear 4 RU chassis allows very high density designs for IPTV, DVB turnaround, cable head ends, channel insertion for regional multiplexing, bulk decryption,encryption and terrestrial and satellite transmission systems.

Appear is dedicated to providing world class equipment that enable operators to deliver professional broadcast services at the highest possible quality. Their portfolio is built around modular platforms hosting a wide selection of interoperable modules that give unparalleled configuration possibilities. Through its clever and robust design, the integrated architecture offers superior reliability that can meet even the most demanding operator requirements.

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