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Appear ABR Packager
Appear ABR Packager
Appear’s ABR Packager enables linear just-in-time packaging with features for start-over, catch-up, nPVR and VOD and is designed for large scale OTT operations.




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  • Support for catch-up TV, nPVR and VOD
  • H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC Compatible
  • Flexible JIT pakaging of DASH, HLS, MSS and CMAF
  • Pre-integrated with popular DRM vendors
  • WebVTT/TTML captions for live and VOD
  • Infinite deep catch-up
  • Dolby® multi-channel sound
  • Encoding Vendor Agnostic
The Appear ABR Packager is a modular software solution providing powerful video ingest and segmentation engine, high-performance storage solution, just-in-time packager/DRM engine and origin server in one complete suite. The ABR system runs on industry standard off-the-shelf server hardware and can be customized to meet the operators´ specific streaming requirements. With its innovative architecture, the ABR Server allows for seamless growth and scalable redundancy – both through vertical brick-by-brick scaling and horizontal functional separation.

The Appear ABR system is encoding vendor agnostic offering a space and power-efficient solution with full redundancy, tier one performance and exceptional reliability. Live ingest can be performed by any multiscreen encoder/transcoder, like the Appear X platform, XC platform and Software-based Video Compression.
VOD ingest is equally easy with open APIs and any multiscreen file transcoder, or the fully-integrated file ingest solution in Appear’s Software-based Video Compression.

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