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Appear Bulk Descrambler
Appear Bulk Descrambler
The Appear bulk descrambler can decrypt up to 250 services, with oridering options from 25 to 250 simultaneous streams of descrambling.




Appear Download AppearTV_XC5x00_v4.0tx.pdf


  • Descrambles up to 250 services (850 Mbit)
  • Integrated with soft clients for ECM handling
  • (no smart card required)
  • Support for both DVB-CA and AES descrambling
  • Integrated with Verimatrix and Latens
  • BISS descrambling
  • 1 slot wide

Appear descrambler packs a high efficiency multi channel unit in to a single module width.
Combined with a range of module from the range, complex broadcast and rebroadcast systems can be created, ideal for use in Satellite, terrestrial, and cable head ends.

Appear provides two types of descramblers: one that is CAM-based (DVB-Common Interface) and another for bulk descrambling. The DVB-CI based descramblers are capable of descrambling up to 10 DVB scrambled services per CAM. With support for various CA systems, be it hardware-based or software-based, Appear TV’s descramblers are an efficient, space and energy saving solution.
Resilience is built into the Appear architecture. All modules are hot-swappable, including power supplies and fans. Pro MPEG FEC support is optional, and Appear’s redundancy solution offers full or partial redundancy for a variety of failure scenarios.

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