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Appear EPG module
Appear EPG module
Consolidate EPG data received from each MUX and recreate a new EPG output, with the option of including External data created or sourced from a local or networked PC.




Appear Download AppearTV_XC5x00_v4.0tx.pdf


  • Re-generation of EIT schedule on selected output ports
  • Gathers EIT tables from all input modules
  • Supports EPG imports/exports in XMLTV format
  • EPG data is filtered and regenerated to reflect channel plan automatically
  • Supports multiple networks
  • Configurable play out rate with prioritisation
  • Exchange of EIT data between multiple Appear TV units
  • 1 slot wide

The Appear EPG module acts as a consolidator of data from each received MUX and recreates a new EPG, External data may be created or sourced from a local or networked PC. In a complex system, signals may come from a mixture of sources both satellite, terrestrial, cable and locally sourced.

The EPG module allows a hybrid EPG to be created, Local/Regional services are often a consolidation of existing channels and this module creates the complex EPG for a new MUX with ease.

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