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Appear Switch module for XC5000
Appear Switch module for XC5000

This essential module provides gigabit routing between modules in the chassis and centralised management.




Appear Download AppearTV_XC5x00_v4.0tx.pdf


  • 1 slot wide (switch module must be placed in slot 0. Redundant module in slot 17)
  • Enables WEB management
  • Gbps routing between modules in a chassis
  • 10/100/1000BaseT management port (RJ45)
  • 2 x Gbit input or output port for data
  • Up to 850 Mbit/s per data port TS
  • Supports UDP/RTP Multicast/Unicast
  • Supports reception of MPTS and SPTS
  • Supports streaming of MPTS and SPTS
  • Supports seamless (hitless) input redundancy and cloned output
  • Multiplexing on output with PSI/SI regeneration (license)
  • Service filtering
  • FEC encoding and decoding (optional)

The switch module is used to enable MPEG traffic distribution within the chassis and provides the Man Machine Interface (MMI), enabling configuration and management of the chassis.

The XC5000 chassis has dedicated positions for the switch module in slot 0 with an optional (for selected configurations) redundant switch module in slot 17. The switch module can be equipped with two independent IP IO ports as an option.

At least one switch module is required in all chassis. In addition to being the active part of the internal backplane, the switch module provides the central control and management interface.

Each port operates independently and can be configured as either IP in or IP out supporting full 850 Mbit/s TS data rate and up to 250 MPEG services. The switch module can be provided with either RJ45 connectors or SFP connectors on the two data ports. When equipped with two data ports, the module also includes a BNC port used for clock reference (Genlock). The switch module is hot-swappable for easy maintenance.

Available as:

  • Switch Module with Management
  • Switch Module with Management and IPIO 2 × Gbit RJ45
  • Switch Module with Management and IPIO SFP

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