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Appear Universal Transcoder - Dense Broadcast
Appear Universal Transcoder - Dense Broadcast
Dense, power efcient MPEG-2/4 SD/HD transcoding solution with market leading performance.




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  • Transcodes up to: 4 HD with PIP, 12 SD with PIP or 16 SD no PIP
  • Full decode and re-encode
  • Audio transcoding
  • Operates in 3 diferent Encoder Rate Control modes (CBR, CVBR & Statmux)

The Appear Universal Transcoder is a fully integrated, hardware-based system capable of simultaneously preparing multiple signals from any input source in any format for distribution to multiple devices. Appear TV’s new Universal Transcoder provides a common HW platform that can handle any transcoding needs that a professional operator may have. The Universal Transcoder is capable of transcoding both linear broadcast and multiscreen services. Changing between linear broadcast and multiscreen is handled by reconfguring the SW/firmware on the module.

In Broadcast mode, the Universal Transcoder supports full decoding and re-encoding of content to make sure optimal quality is maintained throughout the transcode process. The transcoder module is able to transcode AVC to MPEG-2, MPEG-2 to MPEG-2, MPEG-2 to AVC, and AVC to AVC. The transcoder module supports transcoding densities of up to 4 HD or 16 SD services per module, with fexible resource allocation to make the following HD and SD combination modes possible;


  • 4HD with PIP
  • 3HD with PIP and 3SD with PIP
  • 3HD with PIP and 4SD no PIP
  • 2HD with PIP and 6SD with PIP
  • 2HD with PIP and 8SD no PIP
  • 1HD with PIP and 9SD with PIP
  • 1HD with PIP and 12SD no PIP
  • 12 SD with PIP
  • 16 SD no PIP


The high density of the module makes it possible to support transcoding densities as high as 250 services per chassis. The Universal Transcoder in Broadcast mode supports three diferent encoder rate control modes: Constant Bit Rate (CBR), Capped Variable Bit Rate (CVBR), as well as Statistical Multiplexing (in future release).

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