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Appear Universal Transcoder -  High VQ Broadcast
Appear Universal Transcoder - High VQ Broadcast
High VQ Broadcast MPEG-2/4 SD/HD transcoding solution with market leading performance.




Appear Download AppearTV_XC5x00_v4.0tx.pdf


  • Transcodes up to: -1 HD with PIP -2 SD with PIP
  • Full decode and re-encode
  • Optional H.264 4:2:2 8bit/ 10bit decoding
  • Resolution conversion
  • MPEG-1, AAC and Dolby® audio transcoding
  • Component pass-through
  • Operates in 3 different Encoder Rate Control modes
  • 1 slot wide

In order to optimize the performance of their networks, it is essential for professional broadcasters to deploy the latest advances in compression technology. Whether the aim is to add new channels to existing multiplexes or provide genuine video quality improvements, operators should always strive to utilize the best in class technology to offer superior viewing experience whilst improving bandwidth efficiency.

The Appear transcoding solution is providing leading class performance for video quality and channel density on a speciffically designed module targeting a wide range of applications. This allows users to maintain the best possible quality of service in combination with low power consumption and integrated multi-level redundancy.

The computational power of the platform runs all-new and highly evolved encoding algorithms, boosting performance to the limit for both AVC and MPEG2 video. The highly programmable and flexible audio encoder offers high density per channel and includes Dolby® codecs, making this one of the most powerful encoder platforms on the market.

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