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Appear Universal Transcoder - Multiscreen (OTT)
Appear Universal Transcoder - Multiscreen (OTT)
Power efficient Optimized OTT transcoding solution with market leading performance.




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  • Transcodes up to four services into multiple profiles
  • Transcodes single service into 4 HD or 28 sub SD profiles
  • Profile range from 1920×1080p to 240×180p*
  • Resolution conversion
  • Frame rate reduction
  • GOP alignment
  • Audio transcoding
  • 1 slot wide

Increased internet access together with more powerful computers, integrated TVs, tablets and mobile phones makes it possible for consumers to receive video content from broadcasters anywhere, at any time and on any screen. This introduces new challenges for content and network infrastructure providers who need to offer a wide range of different distribution formats with the best possible live video experience regardless of the distribution networks and viewing devices that are being used.

The latest Universal Transcoder running in Multiscreen mode from Appear TV enables broadcasters and IP network operators to provide high quality multiscreen services. The module supports MPEG-2/4 TS input and transcodes to multiformat MPEG-4 TS output with IDR alignment. Its unique architecture delivers significant VQ and efficiency benfits for all real-time applications..

Offering a truly optimized OTT solution capable of accepting a wide range of signal formats. The benefits are magnified further by a modular architecture that lets you fit encoding or transcoding options freely according to actual need. The Appear TV Multiscreen encoder/ transcoder simultaneously prepares multiple signals for distribution to high definition televisions, high resolution computers and low resolution web and mobile devices.

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