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Appear output redundancy
Appear output redundancy
Appear’s intelligent redundancy software provides seamless integration between broadcast equipment and IP networks.




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  • Provides unmatched service availability
  • Rapid switching
  • Utilizes general level 3 IP - routing protocols to perform the switching
  • Can switch an entire port or just one service (SPTS)
  • Minimal network setup required
  • Redundancy structure supports multiple site distribution

Appear’s redundancy solution is unique in being the only software solution in the IP television market to take a holistic view of operation and network management. Redundancy configurations are simplified and automated, and operational routines are significantly reduced.

Appear’s approach is built upon a single software core capable of handling failures on both inputs and outputs. This redundancy solution offers operators using IP for video distribution significant quality of service benefits and improved network efficiency. The system provides automatic backup in case of service stream failure on an operator’s network, without requiring complex control software.

The IP output redundancy system presents a network with multiple sources from which it is possible to obtain the same service. Should the service from one source be corrupted, the network can receive the service from another source.

For a full redundancy scenario, identical Appear chassis can be configured to receive, process and stream identical services. In a typical deployment, a service is broadcast from two locations using the same IP multicast source address. As long as all sources have the same IP source address, the network will route just a single copy of the multicast stream forward to the receiver. In the event of a service issue within, or prior to, the Appear chassis, the IP output module exploits standard IP protocols to trigger external routers to switch to secondary sources.

Where full redundancy is not required, partial redundancy strategies can be implemented. Systems can be configured to provide full redundancy of only selected premium or ‘must-carry’ services. Operators can then choose not to replicate the input and descrambling functions of lower priority services, but still equip the chassis with multiple IP output modules to provide limited fault tolerance.

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