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VB288 Objective QoE Content Extractor
VB288 Objective QoE Content Extractor
The VB288 performs objective video and audio monitoring of MPEG-2, h.264/MPEG-4 and h.265/HEVC streams and offers a unique web browser based remote video-wall capability providing full visual status from anywhere.




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  • RVW - Remote Video Wall support for 4 screens with up to 16 slots (channels or widgets) on each screen
  • Condensed mosaic thumbnail view of all services monitored
  • Thumbnail extraction and content alarming on up to 100 services per VB288 installation
  • Continuous monitoring of audio level for audio level compliance monitoring
  • Loudness support and LUFS metering in RVW acording to ITU 1770, ATSC A/85 and EBU R128
  • OTT/ABR protocol formats: Apple HLS and Adobe HDS
  • Web-based client access through CHROME web browser
  • Visual alarm icons for standard errors in thumbnail views and RVW views
  • Full VBC integration with visual service alarms, live alarms and live user configurable Graphics

The VB288 enables operators to inspect massive amounts of content services beyond human eyeball capability with dependable alarming on objective parametes having QoE impact.

In addition to provide automated Objective QoE of large amounts of services, the VB288 CONTENT EXTRACTOR offers thumbnail and metadata extraction and alarming for up to 100 TV multicast streams concurrently. The VB288 CONTENT EXTRACTOR with its RVW (Remote Video Wall) capability is ideal for visual at-a-glance monitoring in the NOC, VOC, head-end or remotely via any standard web browser.

The VB288 CONTENT EXTRACTOR is typically inserted before scrambling insertion in the head-end and the extracted metadata and decoded imagery is fed to the VideoBridge Controller.

Disruption of descrambling services is one of the main causes for service production disruptions in the head-end, and for the first time cost-effective monitoring of scrambling is available.

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