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VB330 10G Probe
VB330 10G Probe
With line-speed 10G performance and a massive multiprocessor architecture, the VB330 can deliver monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real-time and in parallel. The VB330 utilises the same visual and intuitive approach to monitoring and analytics as other probes.




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  • Continuous monitoring of up to 2000 IP multicasts in parallel
  • Visual graphing of jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth performance with at least 4 days of history for all IP multicasts
  • Framework for automatic detection of present multicast/unicast stream
  • Protocol hierarchy view with bandwidth and packet count statistics for each active video interface
  • Functionality for relaying any IP multicast monitored to a different IP destination for further analysis or recording (Remote Data Path - RDP)
  • IGMPv2/v3 protocol logging and analysis framework
  • Flexible template based alarming system to allow custom configuration of what parameters result in an alarm being generated on a per-TS level
  • PCAP capture of up to 2GB of data for further analysis using Wireshark or similar
  • Microbursting jitter analysis for monitoring total 10G trunk load
  • Thumbnail decoding of uni/multicast IP transport streams
  • ETSI TS 102 034 support
  • SMPTE 2022 FEC support
  • 2 x SFP+ optical 10G ports
  • Microsoft mediaRoom X-bit RTP header extension support
  • Alarm on changes to TOS/DSCP and TTL for detection of changes in network prioritization
  • Time loss distance measurements according to RFC3357
  • MediaWindow™ visualisation technology for trending packet loss and jitter over time
  • Full Service Monitoring of any network device via built-in ICMP and HTTP query agents
  • Alarm forwarding to 3rd party systems via SNMP TRAP via up to 3 unique destinations

The VB330 Probe is the flagship in Bridge Technologies product offering towards broadband and media operators. With dual 10G Ethernet connectivity and a massive multiprocessor architecture the VB330 can deliver monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real-time and in parallel. The VB330 is deployed either on dedicated embedded hardware, as a pre-configured and pre-installed appliance or as a software-only solution. This gives the operator greater flexibility when it comes to tailoring the monitoring solution towards the underlying system architecture in the best possible manner. Feature parity is ensured across the various deployment options, varying only in factors such as scalability, power consumption and longevity. The web-based user experience and feature availability stays the same across all the deployment alternatives.

Measurement analytics are available via easy drill-down functionality and the patented Bridge Technologies MediaWindow™ techonolgy renders monitoring and analysis of the complex much simpler. Two hardware VB330's can be placed within a 1 RU chassis, offering a performance to form-factor of up to 40 Gbit/s per 1RU.

Monitor up to 500 OTT/ABR streams at master play-out or at CDN origin server in all common streaming formats using the bulk OTT option. Streaming formats supported currently include Microsoft Smoothstream™, Apple HLS™, Adobe HDS™, MPEG-DASH and basic RTMP.

Monitor Voice or Video-on-Demand trunks using the Advanced Ethernet Option. Summarise traffic issues across whole trunk dynamically.

Identify packet micro bursting and pinpoint sources in violation. Micro bursting is a particularly important area when traversing 10G/1G network domains where queuing issues often arise with resulting packet loss. These issues are often non-trivial to identify due to their intermittent and complex nature.

Figure - An extract of the GUI showing the OTT engine in action verifying the performance of a mix of HLS and HDS formatted streams.

Perform deep TR 101 290 analysis on up to 200 streams with all priority levels covered - Level 1, 2 and 3.

Perform PCAP packet capture and retrieval for offline analyis using 3rd party tools such as Wireshark or tcpdump.

All Bridge Technologies hardware modules are self contained and based on embedded electronics. Each probe is built to carrier grade standards satisfying the most stringent requirements of the telecommunications and broadcast industries. Built for 24/7 operations and designed to go into edge and core router environments, the IP-Probes have been designed with industrial use in mind.

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