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VBC Controller Server
VBC Controller Server
The VBC offers central management and status displaying of all monitored services. It forms a window into the performance of the video distribution operation. The VBC gives unprecedented insight into network health and the flow of all types of media streams throughout the network.




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  • HTTP/web based client access
  • Configurable access control / support for different user roles
  • Group TV channels into stream groups for easy problem identification
  • Easy integration and data export for 3rd party NMS systems through XML and SMNP traps
  • MICROTIMELINE™ view of last 96 hours of operation for individual streams and configurable stream groups
  • Hierarchical equipment view with bulk edit functionality
  • Linux based server OS for stability
  • Automatic SLA trend reporting in PDF format for IP multicasts monitored
  • 4-day microTimeline™ alarm view of all services monitored
  • ctive system maps with alarm highlighting based on VISIO™ import
  • Logical system diagram showing signal flow
  • HTTP/web based client access
  • HTTP/web based client access

The VBC provides multiple views to make it simple to obtain system status overview, and it makes previously unintelligible data meaningful. Error patterns are easily discovered, meaning that an error may be quickly pin-pointed and corrected.

As the VBC can be used for both high level monitoring and detailed signal inspection, it provides a common monitoring GUI for both non-technical staff and system engineers; this facilitates communication within the organisation. Multiple browser-based clients can connect to the server through HTTP. Full access control with individual user preferences and setup is available.

Only users with administrator rights are allowed to define new equipment sites consisting of one or more VideoBRIDGE devices. Individual users are allowed to control already registered devices and to view gathered statistical data on a per site basis. Multiple site data views, combined with strict user access control, all add up to provide flexibility and uncompromising security.

The Reports option enables automatic or custom generation of enterprise level reports that visualise system performance trends in addition to presenting vital parameters such as service availability for both management and engineering use. The Reports option gives full SLA and proof-of-delivery functionality to the VBC system.

With the TS service view option the VBC can present individual services inside transport streams from all probes for monitoring and comparison. The Service thumbs view displays thumbnail pictures for individual services, including services within an MPTS stream, provided that one or more VB288 Content Extractors are present in the configuration.

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