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There are many applications in broadcast where networks require to be linked and/or isolated from one another.

For example where video flows must traverse different networks to travel from geographically seperate facilities or where incoming IP feeds from 3rd parties must be isolated from a broadcaster's internal networks. Both hardware and software products exist to do this. Techex has experience of utilising these products to provide the stringent security levels required and produces its own software gateways for the protection and monitoring of broadcast content between facilities.

Typical requirements:
  • Translation of mulicast/unicast to SRT/RIST/Zixi for WAN traversal
  • Secure video firewall for protection between 3rd party networks
  • Encryption for content protection
  • Hardware, software or VM based implementations
  • Seamless failover between redundant paths with 2022-7
  • Detailed monitoring of the destination point