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Broadcasters are increasingly seeing the benefit of handing off live content in IP and looking to avoid decoding to baseband or breaking out to ASI. 

Generic stateless IT firewalls could be used for this function however the high performance firewalls required for contribution class bitrates are often more expensive than dedicated broadcast equipment which provides the added benefit of Transport Stream analysis at the handoff and stream redundancy options.

Both hardware and software solutions exist to efficiently address this requirement as well as bridge legacy ASI presentations and normalise compressed handoffs.

Typical requirements:
  • Translation of multicast/unicast to SRT/RIST/Zixi for WAN traversal
  • Secure video firewall for protection between 3rd party networks
  • ETR290 transport stream monitoring
  • Encryption for content protection
  • Hardware, software or VM based implementations
  • Seamless failover between redundant paths with 2022-7
  • RTP passthrough
  • Bitrate burst protection

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