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Uncompressed video over IP as an infrastructure replacement to SDI is now a reality.

Products using the SMPTE-2110 standard suite of protocols, along with AMWA's specification for the NMOS suit of tools to enable registration and control of devices to enable multi-vendor interoperability of production processing equipment.

With the addition of the JPEG-XS lightweight virtually lossless compression within the SMPTE-2110 environment (2110-22) it is now practical to build production infrastructures with seamless connectivity across multi-site environments, all with extreme low latency.

SMPTE-2110 infrastructures clearly provide benefits over traditional fixed point to point and monolithic routed installations. Seamless integration of software processing and the use of Commercial Off The Shelf hardware, which in its self has spawned a new industry of software only solutions such as multiviewers and vision mixers to meet the challenges of new production workflows.

Techex can help design and provide solutions specific to the needs of the broadcasters production requirements with our technical team, who are experienced in all kind of facilities from self contained OB trucks, through to large, pan-European remote production facilities (and everything in between).

In addition to the network design and production equipment, Software Defined Network orchestration provides a method to manage streams across the network infrastructure, providing fully deterministic routes between equipment without over provisioning network interconnections and provides full path routing feedback for both the infrastructure and the individual video signal.