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Working with our technology partner T-VIPS, Techex can assist terrestrial network operators to reliably deliver HD TV. The CP525 cMux can be used to efficiently, tailor regional service packages by adding and removing content and delivering regionalised EPG data. Increased reliability is demonstrated by utilising the TNS541 TS Monitoring Switch together with the CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway to provide DVB-T2 SFN seamless switching. Network operators will also see the benefits of the TNS546 TS Monitor when used to monitor multiple points in a terrestrial network.


  • Deliver HD services in terrestrial networks by deploying DVB-T2 to take advantage of the more efficient spectrum utilisation delivered by this next generation terrestrial broadcasting technology
  • Regional adaptation of national feeds to deliver local content in a city or region.
  • Accurate and dynamic handling of PSI/SI data delivers correct local service information and ensures TV tuners, closed captioning information, EPGs and PVRs function as intended.
  • Prevent service outages.
  • Meet SLA targets by early fault finding and identification of unstable network components for preventive maintenance.

hd terrestrial broadcasting

Technical Description

As shown in the diagram the national and local content feeds are sent to a local broadcaster’s headend where the two transport streams are remultiplexed by the CP525 cMux. The CP525 receives PSI data from a TS containing both the national and regional services. It filters and regenerates the PSI/SI information for the required services in the outgoing multiplex. This TS is distributed over IP to two redundant CP560 for T2 adaptation and generation of the T2MI signal for the modulators. The TNS541 monitors the redundant T2MI streams from the T2 Gateway and ensures a seamless switchover in the event of an error or failure. Each CP560 receives 2 TS which can be output with differing modulatation encoding to enable different service protection levels, hierarchical geographical coverage, multiple receiver platforms and local content insertion.

T-VIPS CP525 cMux Remultiplexer

  • PID and service multiplexing, filtering and remapping
  • PSI/SI/PSIP editing, regeneration, download and playout
  • TR 101 290 Priority 1 monitoring of all incoming streams
  • Update TVCT at transmitter sites
  • Optional support for Simulcrypt conditional access

  • T-VIPS TNS546 TS Monitor

  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 24 TS (8 ASI/SMPTE 310 TS, and 16 TS over IP/Ethernet)
  • In-depth analysis of signal, services, components as well as PSI, SI and PSIP table decoding

  • CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway

  • DVB-T2 MI interface to the DVB-T2 modulators
  • Support for deterministic T2 frame alignment
  • Single and multi-PLP operation
  • Encapsulating the TS in DVB-T2 baseband frames
  • Individual addressing of DVB-T2 modulators
  • Multiple Input Single Output (MISO)
  • ASI and IP input/output interfaces