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This Application describes how to add and remove services, components and tables in order to create or modify a Transport Stream for the purpose of regional/local adaptation. The T-VIPS CP525 cMux Remultiplexer provides a flexible and easy to operate toolbox with powerful features for service and component filtering, multiplexing and PSI/SI/PSIP table editing and playout options to generate ATSC or DVB Transport Streams.


  • Especially designed for regional head-ends, CP525 provides DTT operators a cost-effective solution for local content insertion, efficient bit-rate management and SFN adaptation.
  • By generating the regional multiplexes close to where local content is created and transmitted, the operator saves the extra bandwidth needed to transmit all channels from a central site.
  • Flexible Transport Stream input and output interfacing with support for SMPTE 310M, ASI, IP/Ethernet and SONET/SDH networks eliminating the need for additional network adapters.
  • Built in PSI/SI/PSIP editing feature provide operators with precise means for customisation of Transport Stream without requiring an external PSI/SI playout management system.
Remultiplexing and PSI SI Editing

Technical Description

In the figure above Transport Streams from different providers are sent to the CP525 for remultiplexing. Services, components and PIDs can be added and/or removed from the outgoing TS with automatic regeneration of PSI/SI table. The PSI/SI editor can be used to replace a Network Information Table and modify the SDT. Multiple output TS copies provide redundancy throughout the distribution network. In addition, a copy of the TS may be sent over IP to a TNS546 for 24/7, continuous monitoring of the output transport stream, services and components enabling fast fault detection and diagnostics.