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HD-SDI encoders

Techex designs and delivers IPTV ring-main solutions for broadcasters to replace traditional analogue-only coaxial/RF based systems.

We understand that the broadcast monitoring ring-main is a crucially important system for its users, and that delivery of video over coaxial cable was certainly a very robust solution. We can design a highly specialised IP video solution that, in addition to the flexibility, scalability and high video quality of IP, provides the resilience and high reliability that was previously only achievable with RF.

For some broadcast customers, it may be desirable to build a hybrid IP/RF system, perhaps where not all end-points require interactivity, or just to reduce the number of IP set-top boxes required. Not only can we deliver both off-air and studio feeds to a mixture of IP set-top boxes and DVB-T/C end-points such as Freeview TV sets, we can also transport a large number of channels at high quality including HD video over both systems.

A typical IP-based ring-main solution will take feeds from:

  • Off-air unencrypted HD/SD – DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 TV gateways etc.
  • Off-air encrypted HD/SD – BSkyB and other broadcasters’ IRDs
  • Multi-views – SDI encoders
  • Local studio/monitoring feeds – SDI encoders
  • Local high definition feeds – HD/3G-SDI encoders
  • Local IP streams – MPEG-2/MPEG-4 streams

Ring-main system diagram

We will specify gateways, encoders and set-top boxes that meet the specific requirements of your project, whether that is a low-cost set-top box for large numbers of users, a software client licensed for unlimited users with no installation required, or specialist hardware video decoders for critical monitoring display screens.

Techex will be part of your project from the initial design right through beyond delivery and installation, supporting you and your team as the system continues to grow and change. We know that requirements change over time, so we are committed to building solutions that are easily scalable and adaptable.