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Techex offers solutions to the problem of on-demand content delivery to multiple screens.

The growth of Over The Top VOD services and further predictions of their exponential take up, together with the wider availability of “connected devices” leads to issues of cost and method of delivery. We understand that these new services are complementary to traditional broadcast reception but how do you make the most of your technology investment?

Techex supplies and installs scalable systems using dedicated or open platform hardware, whichever affords the most efficient integration with existing infrastructure and wherever you are in the content delivery chain from broadcaster to telco or MSO to CDN.

We provide products for transcoding and preparing assets for multi-screen use, intelligent asset distribution, Web TV streaming and network PVR functionality, high density caching devices for deep network deployment with support for multiple streaming protocols, all media formats and live ingest.

Advanced OTT/IPTV solution benefits:

  • Guarantee quality of service
  • Reduce bandwidth cost
  • Increase end user choice
  • Monetise content
  • Reduce subscriber churn