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IP network technology and infrastructure is evolving & with it the distribution of programme content is changing. Legacy SDI infrastructure & traditional networks, such as satellite, are being replaced by transmission over standard IP-based networks as high-speed IP infrastructures are becoming affordable and readily available.

As, Broadcasters seek ways to standardize on IP networks for their video transmission, regardless of video format, they must ensure both reliability and security of the highest quality live video through primary distribution networks.
Techex offers a number of high quality, resilient solutions for broadcast IP distribution systems whilst allowing a seamless transition from existing technologies, such as native SDI & ASI.

Furthermore, with a wide choice of video formats & codecs supported, you can balance both bandwidth efficiency & latency whilst ensuring the highest video quality at the chosen operating point.

Our solutions enable conversion of video from/to native SDI and SDI over IP (both 2022-6 or ST 2110) with options to perform light compression such as JPEGXS, JPEG2000 & TICO through to MPEG encoding/decoding using H.264 AVC & H.265 HEVC compression technologies.

Typically these platforms are specifically designed for IP-centric operations and have significant video processing capacity & high data rate IP interfaces plus firewall grade IP security features.