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This Application shows how to increase the reliability of mission-critical video transmissions. By monitoring and detecting errors in the incoming transport streams the T-VIPS CP525 can be configured to switch over to a redundant source on port or service level and thereby ensuring optimal performance. The CP525 provides automatic prioritized switching between main and backup input ports in addition to service fallback.


  • Improved system robustness with automatic input-port switching or service fallback on loss of signal or detection of errors.
  • Reliable quality in video transmission by continuous monitoring of all input transport streams.
  • Downtime is minimized, positively impacting Service Level Agreement metrics.
  • Flexible operation: CP525 can handle input switching and service fallback with a mixture of SMPTE 310, ASI and IP inputs.
Input Switching

Technical Description

In the scenario above a content providers deliver both a main and a backup signal to the CP525 remultiplexer. These two input signals are assigned to a switching group, where the highest priority source that has sync, is automatically selected as the source of program data and PSI/SI/PSIP data. The input switching function can be used on both ASI sources and IP sources, or any combination of these, with automatic fallback to main input as a configurable option. The CP525 also offers a software feature for redundancy on service level. By enabling this feature the CP525 monitors the alarm level for two services and selects the best service according to the user specified switching criterias.