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This application shows how broadcasters and service providers can take advantage of, the unmatched quality of JPEG2000 compression and the inherent flexibility of IP, for efficient and reliable contribution of live events from the production site to the studio.


  • An efficient, affordable and scalable solution for high-definition video contribution
  • Match any quality expectation - JPEG2000 provides visually lossless and beyond
  • Low delay and integrated frame-synchronizer on decoder facilitates remote production
  • Flawless operation from end-to-end with built-in Quality of Service functionality
  • Migrating to IP is easy - use Ethernet, MPLS, Fiber or SONET/SDH infrastructure
  • Future proof solutions with support for SD, HD, 3G-HD and stereoscopic 3D

Key Features

  • User-friendly web interfaces and T-VIPS Connect management system
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 video transport with transparent handling of audio and ancillary data
  • High quality intra-frame JPEG2000 compression
  • JPEG2000 maintains quality during multiple-generation encoding
  • MXF encapsulation ensures perfect lip-sync
  • Integrated frame-synchronizer on decoder for direct connection to studio
  • Forward Error Correction and Error Concealment for increased QoS
  • Seamless network redundancy solution with smallcast and IP diversity reception
  • Very low delay (4 fields/frames end-to-end)
JPEG2000 Contribution

Technical description

The figure shows HD contribution over IP from a sports stadium to a broadcaster studio. JPEG2000 compression provides visually lossless quality at 150 Mbit/s - a 10:1 reduction in bitrate compared to uncompressed HD-SDI. It is possible to observe changes in the video quality of the image at for example 80 Mbit/s, 120 Mbit/s and 150 Mbit/s. The demonstration also facilitates comparing JPEG2000 compression to MPEG-4 AVC, as well as showing the new TVG450 seamless network redundancy solution with IP smallcast over dual network paths and IP diversity reception on the decoder side. A video router control panel is used to switch between the following signals: 1) High quality source signal, 2) JPEG2000 compressed signal, 3) MPEG-4 AVC compressed signal, 4) Redundancy solution decoder output.