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Very low latency JPEG2000 contribution and IP/Ethernet-based solutions for studio connectivity such as camera control can facilitate remote live production from the comfort of a production studio.


  • Reduce live production cost by centralising production equipment and resources
  • Real-time editing from a remote studio is possible thanks to JPEG2000’s very low delay
  • Live, natural two-way video interviews are possible as a results of low system latecy
  • Built-in integrated frame-synchroniser on JPEG2000 decoder for direct connection to studio
  • Match any quality expectation - JPEG2000 provides visually lossless and beyond
  • 4-6 camera signals can typically be sent over a Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Flawless end-to-end operation with built-in QoS, FEC and network redundancy solution
  • Future proof solutions with support for SD, HD, 3G-HD and stereoscopic 3D

Key Features

  • Camera video and multiple audio feeds are transported over IP/Ethernet back to the studio
  • Camera control is facilitated with RS-232 over IP/Ethernet solutions
  • High quality intra-frame JPEG2000 compression used for video transport
  • JPEG2000 maintains quality during multiple-generation encoding
  • Completely transparent handling of audio and ancillary data
  • Integrated frame stores for signal validation and re-clocking to studio timing
  • MXF encapsulation ensures perfect lip-sync
  • Seamless network redundancy solution with smallcast and IP diversity reception
  • Very low delay (4 fields/frames end-to-end)

Remote Production

Technical description

This application shows how a live event production can be performed from a remote studio across cost-efficient IP/ Gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure. Camera feeds are transported from the live event site back to the studio using T-VIPS JPEG2000 Gateways to offer pristine video quality and a very low end-to-end encoding/decoding delay. The decoder output SDI signals are locked to the studio reference clock to facilitate direct connections to production switchers. The low delay enables operators to control cameras remotely with immediate response. Cameras and control equipment are linked using RS-232 over IP/Ethernet solutions. Audio signals can be embedded in SDI and transported in perfect sync via the JPEG2000 Gateways, or externally with audio contribution over IP equipment. In addition, intercom solutions that utilise VoIP (Voice over IP) technology can be used for communication between the live event site and the production studio.