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Live Sports is one of the primary drivers of live television broadcasting. Implementation of cost cost-effective solutions across large numbers of event sites is a particular challenge for broadcasters. Techex offers solutions for sports contribution of SD, HD, 3G and 3D content based on JPEG2000 compression technology. This cost-effective technology provides up to mathematically lossless quality with no vulnerability to motion artifacts caused by fast movement.

T-VIPS JPEG2000 Gateways provide 10-bit 4:2:2 video preserving image detail and colour that enables subsequent MPEG encoding to yield more efficient compression. The codecs operate at very low latencies without compromising video quality - the end to end delay is less than 100ms.

The solution is designed for the specific demands of transporting camera feeds from sports stadia. The codecs can be configured as either an encoder or decoder such that during the game even video can be sent in one direction and after the final whistle a new reverse path can be created allowing the display of video from other stadia on large screens.

Operators building sports networks know that even if today’s requirement is mostly for SD contribution, tomorrow’s is certain to include a great deal of HD contribution. Techex offers a smooth upgrade path from SD -> HD -> 3D without the need for any hardware modification.

Broadcasters and service providers that build next generation sports contribution networks know that even if today’s requirement is for SD or HD contribution, tomorrows needs will evolve from SD to HD to stereoscopic 3D and 1080p 50/60 production formats. Our future proof contribution solutions offer a smooth and economical upgrade paths.