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Studio Contribution

The number of TV channels is constantly increasing, resulting in a growing demand for the transport of video content. In addition, more and more production is being moved from broadcasters to external studios and producers, and now require remote production across multiple facilities. Broadcasters therefore need to minimise costs as the volume of content to be transported increases. Additionally, as the amount of programming produced in HD and UHD rises, broadcasters increasingly find that they need to upgrade their infrastructure to maintain efficient and reliable video transport.

Techex has a portfolio of products for video contribution based on standardised IP technology to answer the increased demand for video over IP contribution. The advantages of IP include flexibility, QoS mechanisms and low capex and opex.

Techex has extensive deployments of IP contribution and distribution solutions for major UK broadcasters including JPEG2000 and JPEG-XS technology for virtually lossless or mathematically lossless, MPEG-4/H.264 for aggressive compression, transport of uncompressed SDI signals over IP networks, and ASI-to-IP/IP-to-ASI for native transport of already encoded material (MPEG-2/MPEG-4) over IP.