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This application describes how to provide intelligent redundancy switchover between Transport Streams delivered over IP networks. The T-VIPS TNS544 TSoIP (Transport Stream over IP) switch ensures the robust transmission of Transport Streams by continuously monitoring all inputs, switching seamlessly to the back-up stream if errors are detected or a signal is lost. Network operators now have the ability to monitor and handle multiple Transport Streams and configure multiple switches per TNS544.

seamless transport stream switching


  • Take advantage of cost and flexibility benefits provided by IP without losing quality or functionality
  • Ensure the best viewer experience.
  • Enable broadcasters and operators to meet SLA requirements.
  • Enable the network operator to conserve resources by simplifying operations.

Technical Description

In the figure above the TVG425 is utilized as a source to provide multiple copies of the Transport Streams. These redundant sources are sent via IP to a TNS544 TSoIP Switch and assigned to the appropriate switches (up to 4 TSoIP inputs/switch). Switching criteria can be configured individually for each switch based on TR 101 290 Priority 1-3 tests. Multiple output TS copies provides for redundancy through the distribution network. In addition, a copy of the TS is sent over IP to a TNS546 for 24/7, continuous monitoring of the output Transport Stream.