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Telepresence is about uncompromised performance and simplicity. Walk into a room and experience immediately multiple locations brought together using technology that disappears. To achieve this, integrators need to bring together the best video, audio, codec, and network technologies. Techex understands how to bring together best of breed technology to provide the highest quality and lowest latency allowing integrators to deliver the most compelling remote communications for boardrooms, seminar theaters, and multi-site churches.

Multi-Stream Solutions. Haivision’s Mako technology services up to 10 inputs/outputs of high definition video and computer graphics from a single codec system. Although each encoder/decoder pipeline can be accurately tuned to deliver the best performance over your network, this is typically done only once. Most systems are installed and given “power-on” configurations for instant, hassle-free multi-site connectivity.

Always-On. The most effective and user friendly system are those where there is absolutely no user interface. Take away the remote controls and provide systems that give transparent windows between facilities around the world. Walk-in and say hello. To serve such demands, Haivision’s codecs are designed to carrier-grade specifications giving the ability to operate continuously for years, without fail and without performance degradations.