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Video-on-demand player

VOD in the corporate environment can be used to disseminate training material, press releases and marketing videos more efficiently than distributing files or scheduling broadcasts, and with much more control over access to content than using public services such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Techex has vast experience working with many different VOD products. We can specify and combine products from a number of different manufacturers to create an integrated solution that meets the exact requirements of your project.

Typical requirements for delivery of VOD on corporate networks include:

  • No installation or deployment of software required on users' PCs, launch content from a web browser
  • Ability to launch content directly from the corporate intranet
  • No codecs to install which could make it difficult for users to access content
  • Web-based catalogue fast search by title, description or meta tag
  • Full support for Windows, Mac and Linux users
  • Support for Active Directory integration to control access to video content and administration tools

We're passionate about providing fully integrated solutions that serve their purpose well. Many of our VOD solutions are integrated with live IPTV, giving users a single unified experience for access to live TV, internal company broadcasts and VOD content.

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