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One of the key drivers for broadcasters is to lower operational cost for digital terrestrial distribution. This can be achieved through higher reliability, resilience and efficient end to end management of the network solution.

In addition, increasing potential revenue by more efficient use of bandwidth to deliver additional content, such as local programming.

Furthermore, both broadcasters & service providers must ensure compliant delivery of the terrestrial TV services with in-depth monitoring for SLAs.

Nevion’s Processor portfolio is at the forefront of the industry, helping Terrestrial network operators to simplify day-to-day operations, reduce costs and take advantage of new revenue streams, with easy-to-deploy solutions for advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) solutions across standards. 

The latest advanced DVB-T2 from Nevion provides the ultimate solution operators need to take their networks into the future. Nevion’s advanced DVB-T2 solutions are the preferred choice of major terrestrial operators, supporting contribution to terrestrial headends, multiplexing for SFN operation, IP or satellite distribution to transmitter sites, SFN transmission, local content insertion and processing.

Nevion’s transport stream processing and multiplexing products make complex set-ups simple, enabling tailoring of regional and local service packages, component filtering, advanced updating of PSI/SI/PSIP tables, and enhanced quality of service.

The Nevion range of seamless, monitoring switches safeguards the delivery of terrestrial program content, by providing 24/7 monitoring, advanced analysis and redundancy switching. Key features for DTT systems include:
  • Intelligent seamless switch-over between two input signals
  • Flexible switching behaviour
  • User configurable switching criteria
  • Transport Stream monitoring and error detection
  • Seamless SFN and DVB-T2 redundancy switching

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