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Dune HD TV-102
Dune HD TV-102
Ultra compact IPTV/VOD/OTT player with extended media player functionality.




Dune HD


  • 3D Video Format Support
  • HDD Player, Network Player and MKV Player
  • HLS support
  • USB Ports
  • Full Range of A/V Connectors and Digital A/V output
  • Playlist Support
  • Video Output Flexibility and Video Up-Scaling
  • File Browser

Dune HD TV-102 is an ultra compact IPTV/VOD/OTT solution with extended media player functionality offering attractive design, competitive price and high performance, the Dune HD TV-102 is a versatile device for Operators needing large quantities as well as those seeking smaller minimum order requirements. The Dune HD TV-102 is built on the newest and powerful Sigma Designs SMP8674/75 platform.

  • Decodes popular 3D Video formats such as SBS, Top/Bottom.
  • Plays content from any source (NAS or USB).
  • Connect Dune HD player to a local network and play content directly from PC or NAS via UPnP, SMB, or NFS.
  • Playback HD and SD video in MKV containers and other modern video file formats, including top quality HD video with very high bit-rates > 50Mbp/s.
  • Enjoy adaptive bitrate streaming via industry-standard Apple HLS protocol.
  • Conveniently connect HDDs, USB flash drives, USB card readers and other USB storage devices without a USB hub.
  • Ensures broad compatibility to the very latest 3D TV’s, displays and projectors.
  • Analog Stereo Audio output, Digital A/V output, Composite Video output.
  • Plays very high-quality (up to 192 Khz / 24-bit) music files in various formats (FLAC, Monkey’s Audio APE, WAV/PCM, etc).
  • Build playlists from folders, use your own play lists with repeat and shuffle functions.
  • Output video in any resolution and format (from SD to 1080p, 24p/PAL/NTSC).
  • High quality up-scaling of DVD and any other SD video content to Full HD (1080p) or other HD resolutions.
  • Convenient file browser with powerful file management (copy, move, delete, rename, organize, sort).

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