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The DVC Boxxster portable is a disk based replacement for a traditional VTR. Recording un-compressed video in either single or dual channel versions. Available with many options of formats from SD through to 2k.


Boxxster (2K) Download Boxxster.pdf


  • Compact sized desktop system)
  • Motherboard with 1066/1333/1600 MHz FSB
  • Intel Core i7 860 QuadCore 2.80GHz/8MB CPU (Upgrade optional)
  • 1 x 2048MB RAM
  • GB Ethernet, RJ-45ATA45
  • 320 GB S-ATA-System HDD
  • WindowsXP Pro operating systemr
  • 525W high efficiency power supply

The DVC Boxxster is based on DDR Software from Drastic Technologies. By building robust mission critical hardware, a solution suitable for the needs of broadcasters, D and E Cinema,post production and high end audio visual production.
With a graphical user interface with advanced EDL I/O ClipControl and ClipEdit / trim and loop modes External Serial VTR Control covers the market leaders protocols such as Sony P2, Harris (VDCP) and Odetics.
Industry standard EDL support for Avid Log, CMX, Sony, GVG, D-Vision, Drastic EDL, Drastic LOG
Play List features loop and Sub-Clip.
Film Space Mode,QuickClip PRO supports QuickTime 8/10bit .mov,Windows Media 9 8/10bit .wmv, HDR-YUV-RAW Stream .hdr/.yuv
AVI in 4:2:2/YUV 8/10bit .avi, YUV stills 8/10bit .yuv/.v210.
Audio recording of both Aiff and Wave.
SyncControl allows user to control multiple Boxxsters or ClipRecorders for frame accurate synchronized capture or playback. Record multiple streams for stereo imaging, output multiple synchronized sources for panoramic and wall display applications.
Web Control allows user to control the Boxxster from anywhere in the LAN via TCP/IP via HTML or JAVA interface.
MediaReactor (uncompressed option*) MediaReactor software is a powerful tool for transcoding digital media files, with a wide range of file format support, features to ease your workflow and a convenient, intuitive interface for ease of setup and operation.
DELUXE version (no limitation on the output formats) as option. Transcodes a wide range of file formats to uncompressed (i.e. MOV) files.

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