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Mpeg 1,2 & 4-AVC/H.264 Video server appliance for on-demand TV and video services such as time shift TV, nPVR and VOD.




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  • Simple operation with upto 20 Gbps sustained transmission performance
  • Up to 16,000 concurrent unicast video streams per 1U server
  • Up to 6 TB Content storage in non-volatile low power flash memory
  • Just 85 W power consumption (Orbit-2X when fully configured, at 20 Gbps / 6 TB)
  • Fast channel change and retransmission
  • Single asset, multi-speed trick play support (FWD / RWD)
  • Autonomous asset propagation with centralized management and reporting

Based on Edgeware´s disruptive video server technology the Orbit-2X and Orbit-2G offer advanced capabilities for video and TV services across an operator´s network. The Orbit-2X/2G combines an advanced and highly integrated network device with a complete on-demand TV and video delivery platform that includes modular built-in solid state flash storage hosting up to 6 TB of content.

The Orbit servers are purpose designed to build highly distributed delivery architectures, with minimal power consumption in a small 1U half rack form factor, integrated asset propagation and session and fault tolerance management. This allows rapid deployment of a distributed ondemand video and TV service without the need to dramatically expand core network bandwidth. The servers can equally be used in a centralized environment, dramatically increasing streaming capacity in a data center while reducing costs of power and cooling.

The Orbit platform can also be used to enhance Quality of Experience of linear TV services through sophisticated features such as fast channel change and retransmission. The Orbit servers are designed to work as a distributed cache anywhere in a network and is integrated with many of the most common back office and middleware systems, ensuring a seamless fit into complex environments as well as a full set of self contained functionality for smaller networks. In contrast to generic servers, the Edgeware Orbit family is purpose built for the operator environment offering a step-change in cost effectiveness.

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