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Origin Management System
Origin Management System
Unified monitoring and management solution for Edgeware servers




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  • Unified Web Interface for monitoring
  • Monitoring of streaming bandwidth, active streams, content popularity and more.
  • Allows servers with similar settings to be grouped
  • Live and Aggregated Status Views
  • Playlist/Playout management

Origin provides a unified interface for monitoring, content management, playlist/playout scheduling and configuration of Edgeware server systems. Origin runs on a Linux server and is accessed through a web browser.

Origin Management System consists of 3 modules that can be used individually or as a complete system:

Monitoring which provides tools for monitoring system usage and fine tuning the use of the network resources.

Content and Playlist Management provides a simple ingest path and management system for assets and metadata into the video servers.

Configuration, Origin can be used in combination with local web configuration tool, by providing access to the local configuration pages on each video server.

An API is also available for integrating Origin with third party management systems

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