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Web TV delivery appliance, for streaming and progressive formats including: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, Apple HTTP Live & Dynamic, Flash, Windows Media, Widevine, QuickTime.




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  • Up to 32,768 concurrent unicast video streams per 1U server
  • Up to 6 TB Content storage in non-volatile low power flash memory
  • Just 85 W power consumption (WTV-2X when fully configured, at 20 Gbps / 6 TB)
  • TCP Traffic shaping producing higher aggregated QoS
  • Intelligent progressive download ensuring fast start, seek.
  • Streaming options with full, multi-speed trick play support (FWD / RWD)
  • Autonomous asset propagation with centralized management and reporting

The Web TV appliances WTV-2X and WTV-2G offer attractive capabilities for various applications over the Internet. The WTV-2X/2G is a combination of an advanced and highly integrated network device and a complete TCP service delivery platform that includes modular built-in solid state flash storage hosting up to 6 TB of content.

In contrast to generic servers, the Edgeware WTV family are high density, low power consumption appliances. The WTV platform is purpose designed to work as a distributed cache for TV and video content anywhere in a network with efficient protocol support for any transmission mode.

Whether you are a Content Distribution Network looking to improve in streaming performance whilst reducing infrastructure costs, an Internet Service Provider wishing to capture a share of the revenues from programming delivered over the Internet or a broadcaster wishing to improve delivery of your new services, the Edgeware WTV server platform provides the keystone of your solution.

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