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Techex experts can help you design immersive learning facilities suitable for the digital age. Transmit high quality images over IP networks from cameras located within your campus or from partners located anywhere in the world.

Combine images and send to screens at high definition.
Techex can supply the cameras, the encoders and decoders to enhance the teaching with rich media from laboratories or from areas such as simulation suites or school classrooms.

The images can be combined with those of the lecturer and with slides from Powerpoint and retransmitted, recorded for retrieval by students at your own establishment or to partner universities.

Generate revenue and support teaching by enabling student to review course material together with video content.

Techex supply Video on demand servers that need no software on students PCs. Recording and archiving is simple and needs little technical support.

Off air television content can be recorded and used for teaching and accessed by students and teaching staff.