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TVG430 - HD JPEG2000 Gateway
TVG430 - HD JPEG2000 Gateway
The TVG430 uses JPEG2000 wavelet compression for the cost-effective transmission or reception of HD video over Ethernet links. Typically operated at around 115Mbps.




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  • JPEG2000 compression
  • HD-SDI input
  • Two main HD-SDI outputs and 1 test output
  • Supported bit rates from 25Mbps to 250Mbps
  • 10 bit video resolution
  • Frame-by-frame encoding
  • Encoding and decoding delay between 60ms to 120ms
  • Ethernet and ASI interfaces (optional)

The TVG415 provides transport of HD video at high quality over IP networks and ASI links. The JPEG2000 compression allows compression of TV signals with visually lossless or true lossless quality, and with low latency, allowing transmission of HDTV signals over Gigabit Ethernet links.

It is designed for professional broadcast contribution, studio-to-studio media exchange, post-production applications and live event coverage.

A range of product options are available, including ProMPEG Forum CoP-4 Forward Error Correction (FEC), DVB ASI interfaces, an SFP module and integration with T-VIPS Connect software.

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