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HyperStream Live Cloud Transcoding
HyperStream Live Cloud Transcoding
Hyperstream reduces the cost and complexity of live video streaming by using the cloud to transcode source streams into the multiple formats and bit rates needed for every playback device.






  • Reduce uplink bandwidth requirement and simplify encoding workflow
  • Syndicate live content to multiple CDNs, portals, etc
  • Reduce capital and operating expenditures with on-demand cloud resources

Deliver more streams to multiple screens from any encoder. HyperStream is the world’s first live cloud-based video transcoding solution from a team with deep experience in high quality, professional encoding. Capable of transforming live video source streams into all of the many formats and data rates required to distribute live video via the internet, HyperStream delivers live transcoded source video streams to every screen regardless of device, player, screen size or bandwidth.

HyperStream allows event producers to rethink their traditional approach to live webcasting. With audiences increasingly consuming media on many different types of devices and networks, HyperStream provides high-quality, reliable, consistent output streams to the full range of playback devices, even when streaming from challenging low-bandwidth environments. Preparing the multiple renditions needed for all of these devices and bit rates previously required additional investment in on-site encoding hardware, bandwidth and infrastructure. HyperStream eliminates this wasteful per-event overspending and complexity, in favor of a flexible, comprehensive cloud-based live streaming platform.

HyperStream is available as a cloud based service, cloud server license, or turnkey system for data center deployment.

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