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A family of products providing STB middleware, desktop delivery, management, recording, VOD and scheduling functionality.




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  • Stream up to 500Mbps of content
  • Automatic discovery of devices
  • Scheduling device configuration
  • Encrypted VOD
  • Channel discovery by SAP/SDP announcements
  • Integrated program scheduling with Exterity TVgateway products
  • Upto 7TB of RAID storage
  • LDAP integration

AvediaServer products can deliver end user services, such as a customisable Electronic Program Guide, VOD or personalised recording across the range of Exterity AvediaPlayer products.

Streaming capabilities include, scheduling of programs and pause/rewind/fast-forward of Video On Demand, with centralised recording of content.

Administration of head end devices and users.

Options and modules:

  • AvediaServer Director
  • AvediaServer Play
  • AvediaServer Record
  • AvediaServer Portal & EPG
  • AvediaServer Platform
  • AvediaServer Chassis c1555
  • AvediaServer Chassis c1510
  • AvediaServer Chassis c1505
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