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AvediaStream g4190
AvediaStream g4190
One ASI tuner per blade to stream live broadcast quality television and radio to IP networks over multicast (UDP/RTP). Stream all available channels from one multiplex using a single blade.




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  • One ASI tuner
  • 1 x ASI connector
  • Stream any or all channels from a selected multiplex
  • Configure name, stream IP, SAP group membership per channel
  • Optional forwarding of EPG, EIT and other services
  • Maximum 35Mbps output per blade
  • Channel announcement using SAP/SDP

The AvediaStream g4190 ASI gateway distributes live broadcast quality channels over your existing IP network.

A single blade can stream all TV and radio channels from one multiplex / channel groups, without the need to re-encode the video content, delivering native IP streams of live TV at a low cost per channel.

The TV gateway is configured via a web interface and can also be managed by telnet and serial console.

Chassis options - there are three types of chassis available - a 1 slot portable appliance; 3 slot 1U rack mount with single power supply; 10 slot 4U rack mount with dual power supply. All chassis allow hot-swapping of blades.

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