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AvediaStream T3610
AvediaStream T3610
Dual stream H.264 HD/SD transcoder. Supports up or down scaling and conversion to and from MPEG-4 H.264 and MPEG-2.






  • Configurable transcode bit-rates, resolutions and codecs
  • Video and Audio transcoding
  • Transcode two streams simultaneously
  • Transcode MPEG-4 H.264 streams to MPEG-2 (and vice versa) suitable for legacy SD decoders
  • Stream on boot
  • Hot swap module allows for quick non-intrusive upgrade to existing installations

The AvediaStream Transcoder converts live HD and SD video and audio content to alternative bit rates, resolutions and codecs enabling video content to be streamed to a wide range of screens and devices, regardless of the viewing size or the bandwidth available.

The encoder is configured via a web interface and can also be managed by telnet and serial console.

Chassis options - there are three types of chassis available - a 1 slot portable appliance; 3 slot 1U rack mount with single power supply; 10 slot 4U rack mount with dual power supply. All chassis allow hot-swapping of blades.

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