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Breaking news and financial coverage is critical to trading activities and analysis.

Techex designs and delivers IPTV solutions for financial institutions to make real-time TV available to the trading floor without the expense of a separate, hard-to-maintain analogue cabling network. The flexibility of your existing IP network allows you to add channels, displays and users with virtually no limit and without impact on picture quality.

We understand that access to broadcast TV is critical to your users. We can design a highly specialised IP video solution that, in addition to the flexibility, scalability and high video quality of IP, provides the resilience and high reliability that was previously only achievable with RF.

A typical trading floor solution will provide:
  • Broadcast satellite channels
  • Broadcast terrestrial channels
  • Internal financial announcements
  • Internal comms

Our solutions allow traders to view the latest live news on TV screens around the trading floor or on their individual PC screens. Traders can control wall mounted screens using remote controls, applications or from their iPhones. Administrators can remotely change all or groups of public screens or trader desktop clients to show breaking news stories instantly.