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Haivision Video Platform - Enterprise
Haivision Video Platform - Enterprise
Deliver secure, high quality live and on-demand enterprise video to every employee, in every office, on any screen. Extend the experience to every employee throughout your multi-office organisation without overwhelming your network.


Calypso Enterprise


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  • Simultaneously stream multiple sources up to 1080p video within a single live event.
  • End-to-end encryption from encoder to player.
  • LDAP/Active Directory support and customizable user authentication.
  • Easily set up live events and recordings, and create custom viewing experiences.
  • Deliver live and VoD content to every employee on any device.
  • Simultaneously stream multiple sources up to 1080p video within a single live event.
Bring your all hands, town halls and other internal live events to life with the Haivision Video Platform (Calypso). Just because executives travel, doesn’t mean they can’t keep in touch with the company while they are on the road. Haivision solutions help you broadcast company meetings, like all-hands and town halls, from remote offices, hotels, conferences and other locations. With Calypso Enterprise, your executives can broadcast live to employees throughout the organisation so they can feel connected to important company events no matter where they take place.

Every employee, every screen

The Haivision Video Platform gives you multiple options to make video available to employees, including an integrated web portal with an embeddable player that can easily be published to third-party websites like SharePoint. The Calypso Mobile app, available on iOS and Android, empowers employees so they can stream live from anywhere and watch live and on-demand video directly from mobile devices. With Haivision Play, Haivision’s enterprise Apple TV app, organisations can bring employees together in conference rooms and auditoriums by streaming to public displays for group viewing.

Stream Live from Remote Locations

By leveraging Haivision’s Makito X encoders, live events can be streamed from virtually anywhere thanks to Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport). All you need is an Internet connection to broadcast a secure, high quality, low latency live event from any remote office, conference room, trade show or off-site location. The Haivision Video Platform also supports many third-party encoders, integrating with your existing video workflows.

Video Simplicity

Easily distribute the highest quality live events and VoD content to every employee throughout your multi-site organisation without overwhelming your network. Haivision’s eCDN offers the flexibility to use unicast, multicast and peer-to-peer delivery to accommodate virtually any WAN/LAN infrastructure with minimal IT intervention. For users outside of the firewall, organisations can leverage a variety of CDN and hybrid solutions for live and on-demand video to reach remote offices and mobile workforces.

End-to-End Security

Designed to meet the highest security standards in medical, federal and enterprise environments, Haivision’s enterprise video platform gives organisations the confidence that their content is protected from the source to the viewer. End-to-end AES 128/256 encryption, customisable authentication pipelines, and Single Sign On (SSO), Active Directory and LDAP support ensure that employees only have access to the content they need and content is protected from unauthorised viewing, copying, and redistribution.

High Quality Video Experiences

Haivision’s powerful player gives employees a great viewing experience with up to 1080p30 video. Dynamic dual and quad screen player options give your users the ability to view synchronised sources of both the presenter and the presentation content (including presentation slides, video and animations) up close.

Built for Employees

An intuitive user interface makes it easy for content contributors, content managers and employees to adopt the system. Content contributors can easily schedule, stream, record and share live events with specific users and groups. Content managers can organise and prioritise video based on employees’ roles and responsibilities within the organisation. Extensive file-based and real-time metadata makes content easy to find by any authorised employee.


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