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KB Mini
KB Mini

A portable all-in-one H.264 & HEVC SD/HD Encoding/Transcoding Appliance




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  • Small form factor (SFF)
  • High powered processing in a portable appliance
  • HEVC & ABR H.264 encoding
  • AES encrypted, packet loss resilient live video transport from source encoder to cloud hosted transcoder
  • Extensive CDN support

As a Small Form Factor portable all-in-one H.264/HEVC encoder, the KB Mini is ideal for live event streaming from anywhere with an Internet connection. Leveraging Intel CPU and GPU hybrid processing, the KB Mini gives you big power for small appliance footprint.

Give your Internet audience the best viewing experience regardless of their geographic location, network conditions or preferred device. With the KB Mini, you can encode up to 1080p video over a baseband SDI or HDMI input, or transcode an IP stream to distribute as a cascade of adaptive bitrate RTMP/HLS streams across the world’s largest CDNs, giving you the highest quality per bit.

Get the most out of your Uplink connection to the cloud. When your Internet connection at the source isn’t the most reliable, and bandwidth availabiliy is less than plentiful, you want to get your video streams to a transcoder in the cloud to take care of adaptive bitrate (ABR) distribution. With support for HEVC and Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology, the KB Mini uses up to 50% less bandwidth than H.264, and makes low-cost, readily available public Internet connections secure and reliable for live video transport from the source to the cloud, getting the most out of your available uplink bandwidth.

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