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MB6 and MB21 Enclosure
MB6 and MB21 Enclosure
High Density, Flexibile, and Scalable Chassis




  • High Density
  • Supports multiple products simultaneously
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Failure alert
  • Fan-management circuitry

High Density Multichannel Chassis

Haivision’s encoders, decoders, and gateways are available as single product appliances or as independent mini-blades. For installations where rack mounting is desired, Haivision offers the MB6 and MB21 enclosures, which can contain up to 6 or 21 encoder/decoder/gateway blades, respectively, within the single highest density platform available. Both MB series enclosures feature redundant power supplies and allow for in-service blade replacement and incorporate fanmanagement circuitry to minimize fan noise. MB series enclosures can be populated with any combination of Haivision’s Makito high performance HD H.264 encoder, the HD H.264 Makito decoder, the SD H.264 Barracuda encoder, and Haivision’s Torpedo DVB to IP gateways.

MB6 High Density Six Slot Chassis

The MB6 is designed to support fast deployments of Haivision’s market-leading encoding/ decoding systems in the most space constrained installations. This six slot chassis design holds up to 6 Makito encoders, Makito decoders, Barracuda encoders or Torpedo DVB to IP gateways, in just a single rack unit (1 RU), making it the highest density system available. The MB6 is equipped with redundant AC, single DC, or medical grade AC power supplies.

MB21 High Density Twenty One Slot Chassis

Designed for high density IP video headends, the MB21 holds any combination of up to 21 Makito, Barracuda, or Torpedo products in a 7-inch rack (4 RU) and also features fully redundant power supplies. This high density, cost effective solution has been deployed in headends and server rooms in universities, hospitals, and enterprises


Redundant AC inputs and a quad field serviceable power supply allows the MB21 to continue operating even if an AC input is lost or if up to two power supply units fail. Redundant AC inputs and a dual field serviceable power supply unit allows the MB6, specifically the MB6B-RAC, to continue operating even if an AC input is lost or if a single power supply unit fails.

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