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Haivision Announces Compact, Most Affordable Live HEVC Encoder, the KB Mini

Haivision, a market leader in enterprise video and streaming solutions, announces the Haivision KB Mini encoder. As a portable all-in-one H.264/HEVC encoder, the KB Mini is ideal for live event streaming from anywhere with an Internet connection. With big power and small form factor, the KB Mini with HEVC saves up to 50% on required bandwidth.

The KB Mini takes advantage of both HD adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming workflows and bandwidth efficient HD HEVC workflows. For source locations with access to high bandwidth, the KB Mini can deliver a full HD adaptive bitrate (ABR) cascade of H.264 (up to five renditions/bit rates) to a content delivery network (CDN). However, if a source location has limited bandwidth, the KB Mini can deliver a single efficient HEVC stream at the highest resolution to cloud resources which can then create the adaptive bitrate cascade for CDN distribution.

The KB Mini also supports Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol enabling delivery of video streams over public Internet connections. SRT makes low-cost, readily available public Internet connections secure and reliable for live video transport from the source to the cloud, getting the most out of your available uplink bandwidth. SRT also simplifies firewall traversal for video streams. Haivision includes SRT technology within its encoders, gateways, cloud transcoders, decoders, and players with no additional licensing fees.

“HEVC is most attractive for video streaming over constricted networks,” said Peter Maag, chief marketing officer of Haivision. “When considering the entire video ecosystem, HEVC and Haivision’s SRT are a killer combination, delivering the highest quality video over the most accessible networks.”

KB Mini is part of Haivision’s end-to-end solutions, including the Haivision Video Cloud which helps organizations easily publish live and on-demand video online across internal portals, company websites and to mobile devices. Certified on Akamai’s content delivery network, the highly portable KB Mini supports up to 1080p streaming and can encode baseband video directly from its HD-SDI or HDMI inputs, all in a 1.7” x 6.5” x 7.5” package.