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Techex's broadcast video networks are online 24/7, and so are we. Our team of UK-based network video engineers are always there for you.


We are tech trailblazers with a keen eye for detail. Our relentless interop testing makes our solutions work in the real world - first time, every time.


Delivering innovate solutions to complex problems is our passion; great technology is at the core. Techex is aligned with world leading technology innovators, vendors and standards boards.


We don't just make the impossible happen - we make it easy. Any source, any screen via any network and to any deadline. We always deliver and we'll move mountains to make sure your project succeeds.

We work side-by-side with our customers’ as long-term partners. With our closest customers, our engineers form a seamless extension of their design team, delivering trusted expert advice without bias.
We build our own technology, and we partner with emerging technology companies who are redefining the way IP and the cloud are used to move and manage live video. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and vendors, but our list of technology partners is very short. We are extremely selective about who we work with.
We have innovation in our blood. Since 1971 we have been hunting out disruptive technologies and supporting customer adoption, enabling our customers to gain a competitive edge.
Today, this means leadership roles in the delivery of the largest and most ambitious ST-2110 production infrastructure in the world and designing cloud infrastructure for the fastest growing content distribution platforms in the market.

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Techex is delighted to announce that MWEdge has been shortlisted for the prestigious IABM BaM Awards® 2019 in category ‘Connect’ for infrastructure, connectivity and bandwidth used to move content within and between facilities in Broadcasting & Media industry.


MWEdge is a highly scalable gateway for cloud transit, primary distribution and contribution. It converts between input and outputs in SRT, RTP, UDP, ZIXI, RTSP, 2022-7, HLS and Techex’s VTTP protocols. Deployed as software On-Prem or In-Cloud, MWEdge has detailed ETR 290 Priority 1, Priority 2 & Priority 3 monitoring – fully written in-house – and network-level stats, plus confidence thumbnails on every stream. VTTP as a proprietary technology which allows unicast HTTP clients to access multicast sources from another network. The optimised SRT implementation is 100% compatible with others whilst supporting over 5Gb/s throughput and RTP header passthrough, allowing redundant SRT paths followed by downstream SMPTE ST 2022-7 seamless protection. When generating ST 2022-7 streams, launch-delay offset is available and, importantly, no matter the output protocol, packet pacing is employed to avoid bursty network traffic. For security, MWEdge supports BISS-2 scrambling and descrambling with seamless odd/even 128-bit key transition.

Running on a lightweight and stable Linux platform, MWEdge is supplied as software (VM, Docker, Linux install files) or as a pre-installed server licenced by total bandwidth (ingress + egress) for the unit. It can also be supported on Windows or Mac OS. MWEdge input and output node connections are easily created between sites. They are represented graphically and can be controlled centrally within sister-product MWCore. When creating streams, threshold-based input redundancy is available with 3 different failover modes. MWEdge can take packet captures and can also tell you the ‘top talkers’ which is a function which shows you the unsolicited incoming traffic sorted by bandwidth use. Along with the detailed stats, this makes MWEdge great for fault-finding and as an engineering tool. Broadcasters and service providers use MWEdge to reliably deliver and receive content leveraging cheaper connectivity than otherwise possible.

MWEdge provides reliable, encrypted streaming at immense scale enabling low-cost contribution over the internet, LAN or WAN whilst providing extreme levels of redundancy, control and monitoring of each stream. As a highly scalable software gateway for cloud transit, primary distribution and contribution, used where there is a requirement to encrypt services on a network, send media streams across the internet/unmanaged networks, MWEdge can be used to provide IPTV inter-site connectivity.

MWEdge both reduces the cost of video transport allowing broadcasters to use better-value connectivity giving them the control and oversight they need. MWEdge can also be used with legacy equipment to add missing features and extend the asset’s life.
MWEdge is in use between Tier-1 broadcasters and broadcast rights-holders delivering high-value sports content in an auditable, secure and reliable manner. Thumbnails on each stream are an often-absent confidence feature. MWEdge is perfect for handoffs and demarcation points, because its detailed statistics expose the health of the IP stream, the transport stream – through in-built ETR 290 monitoring – and network health information such as network loss. MWEdge is quick and easy to deploy in the cloud, on a server or a PC and can be controlled individually using a web interface/API or centrally through Techex’s MWCore control platform for use in MCRs.

The Internet becomes a reliable and cost-effective delivery mechanism with MWEdge. Its optimised implementation of SRT can deliver 5Gbps per server for highly scalable, encrypted transport over imperfect networks. Uniquely, MWEdge maintains RTP integrity when using SRT so SMPTE ST2022-7 seamless switching still works. The result is incredible resilience with packet loss in either path healed by SRT and any packets still missing, being recovered through 2022-7 using path diversity.
MWEdge’s protocol conversion has been harnessed to deliver HLS video to reporters in the field giving them easy-to-use and practical access to the same range of video they would have in the office. MWEdge is the result of unique innovations based on open technologies and Techex’s long experience of Broadcasters’ needs. This combination has had an immediate impact and allows service providers to continue to innovate, harnessing networks around the world to deliver more video, in better ways, at lower cost.

Learn more about MWEDGE.
Techex announces new headquarters

Techex has announced it will move to a new purpose-designed headquarters with effect from Monday 20th November 2017. The new address will be Greenwood House, London Road, Bracknell, RG12 2AA.

The combined office and engineering centre will be the new home for the majority of Techex's UK operations and will encompass both customer-facing and back-office facilities, providing a single location for technical operations, development, logistics, operational support and management.

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  • Techex are Sky partners and we have a special relationship that is valuable to both Sky and Techex. Rich has been one of most responsible and reliable people I’ve met in the industry and the same is true of the whole company.
    Vlad KorotkovSky
  • Working with video over IP, it isn’t very long before you find yourself working with Techex. They are the Swiss Army knife you need in your toolbox.
    Tony MundaySky
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Techex on several complex broadcast projects over a number of years. In a world where over promising and under delivering is the norm, this is a breath of fresh air. When the going gets tough in a project as it inevitably does at some stage, Techex always pulls out the stops.
    Arshad Rasul, Blue Octagon Ltd.Technology consultant to Comux UK.
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