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Adtec upgrade their end-to-end contribution offering

Adtec Digital has been busy upgrading their end-to-end contribution solutions that gained attention at last year’s NAB show.

“The refinements to our contribution solutions are a direct result of listening and responding to the market,” said Kevin Ancelin, SVP and Sales Director for Adtec.

The EN81 multi-CODEC encoder, introduced after the NAB 2010 release of the EN80, was created to meet the requirements of major sports broadcasters just before football season. A key element of the EN81 and its success is its ability to encode sixteen channels of phase aligned audio.

Integrating sixteen channels of audio enables broadcasters to deliver many stereo and multi-channel surround sound audio services within the encoder and without the need for external audio devices. Built on the proven Adtec compression platform, the EN81 offers both MPEG 2 and AVC (MPEG 4) 3D, 2D-HD and SD frame sizes with both 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 chroma sampling.

Shortly after the EN81 release, Adtec engineers immediately went to work on the RD60-04. The new RD60 model is an entirely new device refined and upgraded based on initial feedback and market demand for sixteen channels of phase aligned audio.

“At Adtec, we strive to deliver great products from their release. Occasionally you need to step back and assess the offering and make sure it meets market demands and objectives,” Ancelin said.

The RD60-04 is a direct result of that process. Not only did Adtec respond to the demand for more audio channels but also had the opportunity to enhance many RD60 features. The RD60 also supports sixteen channels of phase aligned audio. The combination of the EN81 and RD60 deliver an end-to-end contribution solution for 3D, 2D-HD and SD.

Adtec Digital won TV Technology STAR awards at NAB in 2009 for the innovative mediaHUB-HD422 contribution encoder and in 2008 for the Total ATSC distribution, compression, multiplexing and PSIP solution featuring the mediaHUB-HD Pro.