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Announcing InStream Amino, free firmware for the Amino

Haivision, a global leader in video networking and IP video distribution solutions, today announced the availability of InStream™ Amino, free firmware for the Amino™ Aminet 140 series of IPTV set-top boxes (STBs). InStream Amino enables an extremely low cost, simple, and integrated IPTV solution for distributing digital video broadcasts (DVB) throughout a facility or across campus.

Working directly with Haivision’s Torpedo™ DVB-to-IP gateways, InStream Amino provides a complete IPTV solution without the need for on-site IPTV video servers or encoders. The Torpedo acquires DVB satellite or terrestrial signals and distributes those signals as IP multicast across local area networks. The InStream Amino application captures and displays those signals along with the associated electronic program guide (EPG) data to enable users to select the appropriate channel without any central IPTV server. Available as a free download, the InStream Amino video player allows any enterprise to establish IPTV distribution to Amino STBs quickly and simply.

Tuned to any number of onsite Torpedo DVB-to-IP gateways, the Amino STBs automatically display available channels and associated program information. Each Torpedo can transmit up to 15 channels over IP multicast acquired from terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) or satellite (DVB-S/S2) sources. Haivision’s Torpedo gateways can receive either free-to-air DVB streams or pay channels with the optional Conditional Access Module. The Torpedo is available as a compact and low-cost stand-alone appliance or — for larger channel requirements — within high-density rack-mountable chassis options supporting up to six or 21 Torpedo blades. For those operators wanting to add signage content or other baseband video sources to their simple IPTV deployment, the same chassis can accommodate Haivision’s Makito™ HD H.264 encoders supporting DVI, HDMI® (through DVI), HD-SDI, and component sources.

“By releasing our free InStream player for Amino set-top boxes, we have created the simplest, most cost-effective solution ever designed for IPTV,” said Peter Maag, chief marketing officer at Haivision. “Using Haivision’s Torpedo, our digital broadcast gateway technology, the video player delivers high-quality HD content with EPG information to users without the complexity and cost of a middleware platform. This innovative workflow enables even the smallest organization an entry point into the efficiencies of IPTV.”

InStream Amino leverages Haivision’s InStream player technology, which is designed to bring simple integrated performance video applications to computers, laptops, mobile devices, STBs, and streaming appliances. Haivision’s InStream player technology supports open standard MPEG streaming and provides advanced integration with Haivision IP video systems, including the Furnace™ IP video distribution platform, the Makito high-performance HD H.264 encoders, and the Torpedo DVB-to-IP gateways.

InStream Amino was recently recognized with a Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award for the Best TV over IP Solution.