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Appear TV adds encoding and transcoding to universal head end

Appear TV has rolled out a high density head-ends that can handle all the functionality required for distribution over cable, IP, satellite and terrestrial networks.

The global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, said the head-end provides full flexibility over inputs, outputs, encoding and transcoding.

"Our approach has always been to enable customers to build bespoke head-ends based on a chassis with core functionality augmented by specific modules," said CEO of Appear TV Carl-Walter Holst. "The NAB 2011 preview of encoding modules means that we can now produce an entire head-end in one chassis - and we can do it with total flexibility."

Holst said customers have asked for encoding capability for some time, and said that by adding it to the mix, Appear TV "greatly simplifies operations through integrating a management system with the enormous feature-set of our head-ends. And with encoding now in place, Appear TV head-ends uniquely provide everything required to get on air, making us the only delivery partner a broadcaster ever needs."