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Appear TV Demonstrates End-To-End DVB-T/T2 Solutions

Appear TV, a global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, today announced that IBC will see the launch and on-stand (1.C61) demonstrations of end-to-end DTT functionality for the Appear TV range of centralized and regional head-ends. This new functionality provides DTT operators with unique end-to-end distribution solutions and is made possible by the Appear TV IBC launch of a DVB-T2 gateway and a DVB-T2 modulator. These solutions integrate with all members of the Appear TV head-end range, providing DTT operators with the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency.

The Appear TV development team has integrated DVB-T2 gateway functionality with existing ASI and IP output cards, removing the need for separate units performing the T2MI package generation. Each ASI or IP output module supports the generation of multiple T2MI streams, making it one of the most compact and integrated solutions on the market.

Appear TV provides digital terrestrial operators with flexible head-ends that include:

Flexible inputs, including DVB-T/T2, IP, ASI and DVB-S2 (particularly for architectures in which content is distributed from a centralized head-end over satellite to regional head-ends)

  • Scrambling/de-scrambling
  • Transcoding
  • Advanced encoding with statistical multiplexing
  • Re-multiplexing
  • Advanced MISO, SFN and multiple PLP operation
  • MIP/T2MI insertion
  • DVB-T/T2 modulation and DVB-S/S2 modulation/de-modulation EPG regeneration to enable the regionalization of terrestrial services.
  • “Adding DVB-T2 gateway and DVB-T2 modulation to our extensive range of DTT solutions, means that we can provide centralized and edge-based head ends with the exact functionality that each operator needs,” said Thomas Lind, Technical Sales and Product Director, Appear TV.

    “The modular nature is perfect for DTT operators with complex architectures. For instance, an operator might have a centralized super head-end with multiplexing and encoding/decoding, while the regional head-end could be a single chassis with reception, local channel encoding, EPG regeneration and re-multiplexing with PSI/SI regeneration and T2MI package insertion. The great advantage of this flexibility is the future-proofing. We believe that operators investing in new equipment today need flexibility as standard – and we make sure they get it,” concluded Lind.

    Appear TV DVB-T/T2 modulation

    Appear TV is making its advanced DVB-T/T2 modulation functionality available throughout its head-end range as a plug-in module. The module supports 2 DVB-T2 or 4 DVB-T outputs per module, all carriers are fully agile, supports multiplexing with PSI/SI regeneration, transparent pass-through and advanced functionality such as MISO and SFN and multiple PLP operation. Combining the DVB-T2 gateway functionality with the existing reception, local encoding, processing (descrambling, scrambling, EPG regeneration), multiplexing and PSI/SI regeneration in a single chassis makes this the most flexible and powerful DVB-T2 gateway solution on the market.